Green Way of Life

Narrative of healthy planet.

Lawn or Garden?

Turn your lawn into vegetable gardens. Swap your concrete balcony with a green jungle greenhouse. Do something for you and your land.


Key activities

  • Research & Development
  • Publishing & Knowledge Management
  • Income Generation & Impact Investments
  • Community Cooperation
  • Land acquisition & Regenerative Agriculture

Brief Story

Spend less time in 9 to 5 job and buy your time back while helping to preserve the most important asset we have – our planet.


Small things first.

Self sufficiency

  • Biointensive gardening systems
  • Small garden revenue streams
  • Open-source bluepapers

Self sufficiency is actually the key to win your single most important asset – attention. Learn with us how to step in the journey to self sufficiency – from your first garden sourced meal to some bootstrapping finance you may need.

We are currently here and started a scooter – – a local movement focused primarily on wider Vyskov town area & Czechia.

Market garden

  • DAO Fundraising
  • Permaculture Design Resources
  • Automation & Smart garden
  • Media outlet creation

Market garden for commercial production is one of the primary objectives when it comes to financial freedom through permanent culture policy of surplus production – if you are ready to produce surpluses, you are ready to monetize your garden.

GRNWAY Institute

  • Forest garden & glamp
  • Dapp & smart grid microcomputer with pre-installed GWAY platform
  • Positive impact investment fund for responsible businesses
  • Not all the play cards are shown!

Decentralized organization (DAO) which will become a governing body for all upcoming projects. One of the main goals will be acquisition of the land for edible forest creation. All supporters will get a voice in decision making.

What is NOW?

Honestly, we are just on the beginning. We have rented a small lot at around 400sqm in a local gardening colony. The garden was used by a common gardening practices such as deep plowing and NPK fertilization. The garden was obtained as an untreated place.

Currently, we take care of the soil and are building a biointensive system to bring this place into full production scale. Our next big deal is to find a place where we could build an earth house and start to live with a place of larger scale.

  • Christine Clifford - $200
  • Petr Smrkovský - $75
  • Rana Shail - $50
  • Russel Down - $50