Permanent Culture

Here at Green Way of Life, we strive to bring abundance to all people who LIVE WITH NATURE.

Lawn or Garden?

Green Way of Life is about permanent culture. We believe that an edible garden provides much more benefits to our lives than lawn. You are warmly welcome to join our journey to turn millions of square meters of lawns into vegetable gardens. How? With real hard work touching the soil and through appropriate technologies.

Green Way of Life is altcoin crowdfunded permaculture movement.

  • R&D Operations
  • Publishing
  • Finance
  • Community Support
  • Media¬†Coverage
  • Touching the soil ūüôā

Brief Story

Connect nature, technology & society and you will get Green Way of Life Рan ultimate opportunity to start your own food production garden business, which will allow you to spend less time in 9 to 5 jobs and buy your time back while helping to preserve the most important asset we have Рour planet.

We are blockchain powered movement for better food self sufficiency. By holding BMBL cryptocurrency token – you help people to turn lawns into edible forest gardens. By selling BMBL, you allow yourself to join the movement and finance your own piece of land.


We currently seek partners and supporters for our gameplan.
Feel free to discover what is Green Way of Life gameplan about.

Self sufficiency

  • Biointensive gardening systems
  • Processing kitchen & storage
  • Small¬†revenue streams
  • Altcoin ICO for GreenWayofLife
  • Open-source bluepapers

Self sufficiency is actually the key to win your single most important asset – time. Learn with us how to step in the journey to self sufficiency – from food to finance.

Market garden

  • Commercial zone design
  • Garden automation through nature & technology
  • Workplace for 1 local unemployed person
  • Added Value Products

Market garden for commercial production is one of the primary objectives when it comes to financial freedom through permanent culture policy of surplus production – if you are ready to produce surpluses, you are ready to monetize your garden.

GRNWAY Institute

  • Forest garden & glamp
  • Global media outlet on permaculture and green tech
  • Positive impact investment fund for responsible businesses
  • Not all the play cards are shown!

Help us to enroll a non-profit organization which will become a governing body for all upcoming projects. One of the main goals will be acquisition of the land for edible forest creation. All supporters will get a voice in decision making.

What is NOW?

At this moment, we are a small international team with 2 lots available. One lot is a community garden in Czechia sized at 400sqm and second lot located in Cyprus is sized at around 4,000sqm. Both places were gardens used for production and treated with artificial fertilizers. While community garden is a lot in rent, Cyprus property is in private ownership of our team member. This allows us for long-term strategy and pre-emption rights for property purchase in upcoming phases, while small Czech lot is rather for small operations in the meantime when big lot is being turned into forest garden.

Team & Supporters


Full PDC course, healthy lifestyle advocate, wanderer, passionate horse rider and gardener.

Suzy M.


Full PDC course, green technologies,¬†social entrepreneurism and … who knows!

Jake D.


Ethically responsible investor
and proud sea wolf.

Levent S.


Life & Business Coach, NLP Certification Coach and early patreon.

Christine C.


We are open to opportunities to make things happened.



Mobile apps guru from ancient times of smartphones, SaaS CEO , proud daddy.

Vaclav H.


“Just” an expert in his field.

Craig H.

Consultant Architect

We are open to opportunities to make things happened.


  • Christine Clifford - $200
  • Petr Smrkovsk√Ĺ - $75
  • Rana Shail - $50
  • Russel Down - $50

Buy a piece of future

Support this project and receive 1 BMBL token for every USD donated.
You can hold these and sell them later for any other cryptocurrency.

Or donate one-time

We are very thankful for every each dollar which allow us to move towards.
Thank you for your support.